8 Best Electric Blankets of 2022 | Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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With the summer heatwaves sizzling into memory, now is the perfect time to invest in an electric blanket to keep your toes from freezing in the night time cold. Given the various types, styles and sizes on offer, we have broken down the best electric blankets with eight hot choices to keep you from shivering between the sheets.

From throws to duvets and covers, electric blankets needn’t be just for bedtime. Heated throws are perfect for cosying up on the sofa with a warming mug of hot chocolate. Blankets also come with a host of additional benefits, with the use of hypoallergenic fabrics and muscle soothing capabilities, to suit your needs.

Electric blankets are also a brilliant means of aiding blood circulation and are ideal for sufferers of arthritis. As such, we have narrowed down the best electric blanket UK, with easy to find options for immediate dispatch.

Comfort in the Cold: A Buyer’s Guide for The Best Electric Blanket

What can be better than a toasty bed waiting for you on a cold night? Electric blankets have come a long way in the last few years, and they offer a very safe, comfortable and secure means of keeping those long chilly winter nights at bay.

More efficient and intuitive than the energy wasting blankets of old, today’s new batch of electric blankets are built to a fantastic safety standard, make full use of heat controls and are generally a better use of energy than cranking the heating up on full. What’s more, they look and feel good. Yet with this variety comes difficulties of choice. Here we break down the types of blankets out there and what to consider when purchasing an electric blanket.


The simplest decision you need to make is where you want your blanket. A single, double, king or queen size bed? Or perhaps as throw for your living room? Electric blankets come in a multitude of choices, with individual controls for both sides of a double bed so that there are no arguments over heat preferences! Like standard sheets, electric blankets are sized to fit all bed varieties, which makes finding the right size for you easy.


Electric blankets essentially work by using heating wires which have been surrounded in a fabric. Traditional electric blankets go between your bed’s under sheet and mattress, providing a toasty warm underside to your bed’s surface. But there are other options too. Heated over-blankets or duvets generate the heat in the sheet that you place over yourself, meaning you can wrap up in a blanket of warmth.

These tend to be lightweight like a top sheet. Throws and blankets are also available for sofas or day beds, working in much the same way as your electric bed blanket. We therefore divide them into the following main three categories: over-blanket; under-blanket; throw blanket.

Other options include heated mattress toppers and duvets (designed to be used conveniently like a normal duvet). The type you purchase comes down to individual preferences, and it depends on where and how you’d like to use it.

Heat Control

This is important, not just from an energy-saving point of view, but it also allows you to have greater control of the temperature of your blanket and to avoid overheating. The shut-off mechanism should be ideally controlled by hourly increments so that your blanket shuts off when you enter the land of nod. Other users prefer a low temperature right through the night. Intuitive sensors like Dreamland’s Intelliheat will gauge your body temperature and act accordingly.

Special Features

Aside from standard features like temperature control, timers and overheat protection, some electric blankets come with neat features like temperature sensors to gauge body heat, and extra foot warming with differential heating (cooler at the top, warmer at the bottom) to avoid those dreaded midnight frozen toes. Needless to say, the fancy features are usually found on higher priced models.


You’re guaranteed a safe product if you purchase new. Modern blankets have improved and are fitted with overheating protection to avoid damage. Remember to roll your blanket up carefully when storing so as not to destroy its internal wiring. Also check regularly for any damage, either torn or dampened spots, as these can be dangerous. Never use the blanket with a hot water bottle and never use when wet.


Most electric blankets are fully washable on cold and gentle settings. It is best practice to air dry an electric blanket. Here’s our guide to the best washing powders that will help.

Now that we know the basics of heated blankets and throws, it’s time to look at which is the best electric blanket to buy. Here we break down our top 8 picks, including a variety of the aforementioned styles and type.

Top 8 Electric Blankets

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Under-Blanket

Available in a variety of sizes, Silentnight’s low budget electric blanket ties to the four corners of the mattress, allowing the blanket to stay secure and neatly in place. Unlike other wrap around blankets, comfort control can be a bit fiddly to begin with.

However, it is a fantastic no-thrills option with a solid three heat settings and auto shut-off for peace of mind. Constructed from washable polyester, it is not as soft as others on this list, but it works well with memory-foam mattresses. Special features include the Silentnight control app, allowing you to set the heating and shut-off power directly from your smartphone without using the wired controller.

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Dreamland Intelliheat Electric Over-Blanket

Available in single, double and king sizes, the Intelliheat packs all the necessary settings required of a heated over-blanket. Intended to be placed over your duvet or sheets, it features a super fast five-minute heat up time and a shut-off timer of between 1 and 9 hours.

With dual control, both sides of the bed can be programmed individually using the smart touch controller. The Intelliheat technology sets this blanket apart from others by intuitively changing settings with its body temperature sensor. Made from polyester, this blanket has the added bonus of being both machine washable and tumble dry safe.

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Dreamcatcher Heated Fleece Fitted Mattress Cover

Working as an under-blanket mattress cover, this super soft fleece heater is ideal for deep mattresses and large beds. Its elasticated skirt keeps the cover firmly in place, preventing the dreaded creeping blanket and allowing for a nice deep sleep. Its nifty 9 heat settings and split body and feet heaters allow for lots of variation, especially given its ideal 1 – 10-hour timer function for long use.

Midnight arguments can also be avoided with the easy to use dual bedside controllers. Although the controller is a little chunkier than other models, this is a solid machine washable fleece under-blanket, best for chunky mattresses and for those requiring extra soft comfort.

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Homefront Electric Heated Throw

If you’re looking for a comfy throw to snuggle on the sofa with, this chocolate blanket will ideally match the warming colour of a cup of hot chocolate which you’ll no doubt be cozying up with as well.

Super soft to the touch, the throw works great as an over-blanket in the bedroom as well, just when you need that super quick and snug warmth. It comes with 9 heat settings and has a fast fifteen minute charge time. Even with the power off, the Homefront is a snuggly, soft throw which feels good to touch, just like a large teddy bear!

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Sweet Dreams Electric Blanket

This soft fleece under-blanket is a perfect fit on mattresses due to its convenient elasticated skirt. The no-nonsense dual control is ideal for sharing the bed’s heat, and the remote comes with a whopping 6 heat and 9 timer settings with all night capability, giving you a long and toasty winter night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a softer fleecy under-blanket, Sweet Dreams is perfect for getting that cosy night’s sleep. The auto shut-off gives you peace of mind, and the blanket is machine washable. An easy pack bag allows you to store away when not in use.

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Cosihome Electric Blanket

The Cosihome is an ideal budget blanket with a fast preheat button and three heat settings, ranging from low to high for the very coldest of nights. Although the controller itself is minimalistic in design, it is both no-fuss and easy to use. We particularly liked the detachable cord made for easy machine washing. Attaching the blanket to your mattress is also made simple using the secure corner ties. Available in numerous bed sizes, it has all the necessary features including a timer and automatic shut-off. Fashioned from durable polyester, the Cosihome is a long lasting, simple but reliable under-blanket that will keep you toasty at night.

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Homefront Premium Electric Blanket

This premium under-blanket from Homefront offers a peaceful night’s sleep with its super soft fleece design and comprehensive 9 heat settings for a long night in. The snazzy dual LCD controllers have useful individual body and feet commands, making the blanket ideal for sufferers of localised arthritis or circulation problems, as well as those wanting a particularly snuggly spot. Cleaning is easy; just detach the controllers and machine wash at 30°c. A handy zip-up storage bag makes packing the blanket away in warmer months easier, and the controls are detachable for simple machine washing. Perfect for year-round use, this luxury blanket has many heating and timer options so that you can find the perfect combination for even the fussiest of users!

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Cozytek Premium Electric Blanket

Tiny wires are hidden away in this lush and plush fleece under-blanket. You needn’t fuss about with ties, as this blanket features a secure elasticated skirt which prevents movement and makes attaching the blanket to a mattress easy. A fast preheat setting and 5 body comfort settings give you the perfect variety to get off to a good night’s sleep. You can even opt to keep it on for 1 or even 10 hours before the auto shut-off activates. The dual controls are a great bonus, giving you the freedom to control each side of the bed. The premium fleece is machine washable at 40°c.

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