10 Best Ground Coffee Options in 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Ground Coffee

Coffee is one of life’s great pleasures! If you can relate to that feeling and you’re looking for the best coffee beans, you will appreciate this article. Here we take you through an aromatic and enticing journey through the best coffee beans UK!

Which is to say… you are about to learn about some of the most popular and enjoyable worldwide brands of ground coffee which you can order easily from the UK. There is something here to suit every palate, mood and inclination. All of these varieties are delicious, and worth trying at least once.

If you’re looking for the best instant coffee UK, why not consider getting hold of some real coffee, instead? Ground coffee may not seem as convenient, but the satisfaction you can get from a freshly brewed pot is simply unbeatable. You are really missing out on one of life’s great pleasures, if you haven’t yet appreciated how the best coffee is so much more than a mere hot beverage: it’s an experience.

Are you ready to learn about the best ground coffee UK? Read on to learn about the very best coffee beans available for purchasing on-line!

ProductBest ForOur Rating
Kirkland Signature 100% ColombianFilter4.8
Taylors of Harrogate Rich ItalianCafetiere4.7
Crazy Cat Colombian Ground CoffeeAll-rounder, cafetiere4.8
Spiller & Tait Signature BlendAeropress4.8
Brown Bear Blue MountainAeropress4.5
AROMISTICO Napoli BlendCafetiere4.7
Mehmet Efendi Turkish CoffeeCezva4.5
Lavazza Qualita RossaEspresso machine4.8
Happy Belly COLOMBIAPour over4.5
illy ClassicoEspresso machine4.5
Café Saula 100% ArabicaEspresso machine4.7

Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Filter Coffee Dark Roast Fine Grind

Colombia is well known as one of the world’s finest producers of coffee, and this product is a fine example of tradition reinvented.

Produced by a massive association comprising over half a million small local growers working together under Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers, Kirkland Signature is an outstanding dark roast that produces pungent, delicious coffee. Available here in a large tin weighing 1.36kg, the Supremo fine grind is best suited to use in filter machines.

Though it is strikingly different from what might be regarded in Colombia as a classic blend, this modern blend is by comparison a very accessible choice. This product also showcases what is gradually becoming the modern style of coffee in the country.

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Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Ground Coffee

Here’s another product that will take you back to the heart of Italy, and take you on a sensuously rich journey of tradition and taste.

Taylors of Harrogate is a classic Italian roast, made using four different types of Arabica coffee beans grown and processed locally using traditional methods. This high quality blend stays true to Italian coffee roasting styles, drawing deep nuances from the coffee beans, reminiscent of cacao and almond.

You will enjoy this outstanding product, finely ground to best suit old-fashioned manual coffee makers such as cafetieres, but it also can be used very effectively with filter coffee machines.

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Crazy Cat Colombian Ground Coffee, Non-Bitter, Medium Strength 3

If you want to further explore the most aromatic and balanced coffee available from Colombia, you should consider Crazy Cat coffee.

This product is produced locally by passionate people who spare no efforts in delivering a striking product, as you will readily notice from its considerate blend of Arabica beans – all of which are ground in small batches in the UK, to always keep the stock as fresh as possible. You can use this blend with most types of coffee makers, but it will reveal its full potential when used with cafetieres.

Most noticeable about this coffee is how it is perfectly balanced, aiming for the middle ground in all aspects from aroma to flavour and intensity. In short, it’s a great quality coffee for everyday use that showcases what is so interesting about traditional Colombian coffee blends.

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Spiller & Tait Signature Blend UK Ground Coffee for Filter, Aeropress & Cafetiere

Here’s another high quality blend that showcases the expertise of a group of UK coffee experts, whose efforts have amassed several awards from the local industry.

This could be one of the most eclectic blends you’ll come across, since it uses coffee beans meticulously sourced from several different countries, ranging all the way from Colombia and Brazi, to Kenya and Ethiopia… and even from India! The coffee beans are then roasted locally in the UK, always in small batches in order to ensure the highest possible quality and freshness. Stock for this product tends to disappear quickly when available, so you should get it whenever you have the chance.

This universal grind can be used effectively with all kinds of coffee makers, but it’s recommended for filter and vaccum style machines – cafetieres in particular.

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Brown Bear Blue Mountain Medium Roast Ground Coffee

The Blue Mountain blend available here from Brown Bear in a medium roast (strength rating of 3) and medium grind (suitable for all types of coffee makers) is clearly a love song to coffee itself. It is very balanced and makes a perfect choice for those who are looking for everyday coffee with low bitterness and consistent taste.

In fact, the coffee produced from this blend will often express a certain sweetness, that comes across as subtle flavour of malt and toffee caramel. It’s a very pleasing everyday coffee that is made fully from Arabica coffee beans which are freshly roasted and sealed in a one-way valve bag. There is very little harshness to this well-rounded coffee, meaning it will please a wide range of taste buds – from casual coffee drinkers to the most demanding coffee lovers.

The intensity and flavor notes in this Blue Mountain are perfectly balanced to deliver a full-bodied presence that doesn’t feel too intense or overpowering. It’s a very charming coffee with a strikingly smooth taste!

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AROMISTICO Napoli Blend Dark Roast Premium Italian Ground Coffee

What if an Italian family of coffee specialists wanted to redefine tradition and reinvent gourmet coffee?

What if they applied local artisan techniques to roast an exclusively sourced blend, featuring coffee beans from no less than three continents? The result would be this surprising explosion of flavour and aroma that they decided to call… Aromistico!

This is one of those coffee blends that will make you want to call out all your friends who truly appreciate coffee, since the resulting beverage has such a vivid identity. This Aromistico is a really strong, dark roast that uses coffee beans from India, Brazil and Central Africa.

While it uses meticulous methods and traditional roasting styles, this coffee is meant to spare no punches in the tasting department. If you like your coffee strong, you will be left wide-eyed and ecstatic when you taste the smoky sensations of Aromistico and its aftertaste of malt and cocoa.

This product is best suited for cafetiere or aeropress coffee makers, but according to the independent artisan roasters behind this brand, you will achieve delicious results with any kind of coffee maker.

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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

If you want to experience what Turkish coffee tastes like, you will appreciate this product from Mehmet Efendi – a well-known national brand that uses a unique blend and roasting style to create a coffee that is unlike anything else you’ve tried.

This product has such a rich history and it’s so popular in Turkey that many locals equate the brand with the beverage itself. It was actually the first brand to sell roasted coffee in the country almost 150 years ago, and even today it remains the leading supplier of Turkish coffee.

Mehmet Efendi is available here in a fine universal grind that can be used with any style of coffee makers – including espresso machines – but to enjoy the full experience many people like using the cezva, a traditional Turkish coffee pot that is used to brew the coffee directly in hot water.

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Lavazza Qualita Rossa Roast and Ground Espresso

If you want to enjoy a proper Italian espresso without breaking the bank, you will appreciate this offering from the popular brand Lavazza.

This blend is quite popular in modern Italy, and widely used throughout the country. Its medium roast is regarded as true Italian style, here presented in a versatile ground that is suitable for all types of coffee makers. The Robusta and Arabica coffee beans used to create this product make up for a very interesting and characteristic blend.

No matter which type of coffee maker you use, the result will be a full-bodied beverage that packs an aromatic punch and satisfies anyone looking to taste a bit of Italy.

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illy Classico Roast Ground Espresso Coffee

Here’s a little something from Italy that will allow you to enjoy a superior quality espresso, without any need to leave the comfort of your home.

This is a medium roast coffee available here in a fine ground which is best suited for espresso machines (See our guide to the Best Filter Coffee Machines). It’s made with a proprietary blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans, and packaged in a tin using a nitrogen based method that ensures long lasting freshness. Make sure to store it in the fridge after opening, to preserve its qualities.

You will appreciate the lively flavor and aroma of this classic Italian style blend, which produces a delicious espresso with rich and dense foam.

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Café Saula 100% Arabica Spanish Ground Espresso

For anyone seeking to taste a typical Spanish coffee blend that is grown and roasted locally, this product from Café Saula will hit the right spot.

Premium Organic is a 100% Arabica blend featuring four different types of beans – all of which come from fully organic crops that rely on environmentally sound practices. The grains used to make this premium coffee are hand harvested with precise timing to ensure the best possible quality. The grains are roasted slowly according to a secret family recipe which has earned the producers an accolade of prestigious local awards.

This is a fine grind meant to be used with espresso machine. It produces a strong, smooth, premium coffee that will impress even the most demanding noses and taste buds with its fruity flavor.

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As you can see, the best coffee doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive! Most of the products mentioned are available in a very reasonable price range, even though we’re looking at some of the best ground coffee from around the world. You can purchase of these products confidently – no matter which you pick, you are very unlikely to be disappointed.

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