10 Best Irons 2022 | UK Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Irons come in all shapes and sizes and have evolved over the years from simple metal flat irons that were heated over a fire to press creases out of clothing, to the modern irons that we have today.

These days, top of the range irons tend to come with a thermostat to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. The temperature can easily be changed depending on the type of fabric that needs to be ironed to create the perfect flat surface without scorching. The addition of the steam setting helps to create crisper creases, while these days many modern irons are cordless for maximum convenience.

A UK Iron Buyer’s Guide

People who are looking for the best iron will need to take a number of different factors into consideration. While many people tend to pick a brand that they are familiar with, buyers will also want to make sure that the iron they choose comes with a long warranty. Other desirable features include clearly marked settings for ironing different types of fabrics and a steam function. Here are a few reviews of the best irons around to get you started on your search for the best cordless iron or best steam iron to get you started.

Philips GC160/02 Affinia Dry Iron with DynaGlide Soleplate, 1200 Watt

This top of the range dry iron comes with a DynaGlide soleplate to ensure that the iron glides easily across all types of ironable fabrics.

This model features a slip tip combined with a button groove to make it especially easy to manoeuvre around hard to reach areas as well as zips and buttons.

The specially textured handle provides an easy and comfortable grip at all times. The model is also slightly smaller and lighter than average, which makes it especially easy to manoeuvre, while it can also double as a travel iron if desired.

The model comes with a durable power cord that measures 1.9 metres that can be wrapped around the heel of the iron for easy storage, while the power efficient 1200W is ideal for those who are energy conscious.

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Best Steam Generator Iron: Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite Steam

People who are looking for the best steam generator iron that is effortless to use are sure to love the sleek and modern design of this model from Philips.

The innovative and unique OptimalTEMP technology ensures that the perfect temperature will be delivered for any type of fabric without having to adjust the settings. This is facilitated by the DynamiQ steam mode, which comes with special motion speed sensors to automatically deliver additional steam for slow movement over deeply creased fabric.

The top of the range Turbo Steam pump is able to deliver up to 75g a minute of continuous steam in order to penetrate an impressive 50% more steam through the fabric to ensure faster crease removal with minimum effort.

The model delivers 3000 watts of power and heats up extremely quickly to save on waiting times, while the 260g steam boost delivers an extremely powerful performance.

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Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A Steam Iron

People who are looking for precision and reliable performance are sure to be impressed by the aerodynamic and stylish design of this model.

Premium results are combined with speed for flawless results on all kinds of garments thanks to efficient steam solution combined with top of the range soleplates.

Maximum safety is ensured at all times by the automatic shutoff system that will power off the model if it is left longer than eight minutes in the vertical position.

Users can be sure that their fabric will never burn, as the same system also shuts off the power if the model is left in a horizontal position for thirty seconds without motion.

The model delivers 2400 watt performance with complete steam intensity that arises from three different active areas, and this powerful steam function makes long stroke ironing easy and effective every time. With the enhanced speed and functionality it is possible to iron as many as fifteen t-shirts in less than half an hour, whilst satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Philips GC4526/87 Azur Performer Plus with 210g Steam Boost, 2600W

Faster ironing with more steam is achieved through the impressive 50g per minute steam. People who require even more power for stubborn creases and thick fabrics can take advantage of the enhanced 210g steam boost. Maintaining steam power is made simple due to the modern built-in calc container, whilst the 300ml tank ensures plenty of steam for even heavy duty ironing tasks.

Refilling the water tank as and when desired is easier than ever before thanks to the side opening door, which is perfectly aligned with the streamlined design of the model.

The soleplate is scratch resistant to ensure smooth gliding at all times, while the 2.5 metre cord comes with an innovative CordGuide accessory helps to make sure that the cord never wanders onto the ironing board.

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Rowenta Focus Steam Iron DW6010

Rapid and effortless ironing is delivered every time with the 40g per minute steam output, while those who require a bit of a boost for particularly thick fabrics with stubborn creases can activate the 160g per minute power steam function.

All of this power is enhanced with an extra large 300ml water tank to ensure that users do not run out of steam before the task is complete, while the special anti-scale properties care for the iron and ensure its long life.

The stainless steel soleplate is scratch proof and boasts more than 400 micro-size steam holes to ensure excellent steam distribution every time.

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Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118

Crease removal is now easier than ever before thanks to the unique Tri-Zone soleplate technology of this mighty model. The special Pearl Ceramic soleplate has been selected for its non-stick and super smooth properties so that users can be sure they will be able to achieve a crease free finish.

The huge 400ml water tank means that it is possible to tackle larger laundry loads than ever before without having to refill, although the tank has been designed to be very easy to refill as and when desired.

The precision temperature control makes it effortless to select the desired setting for the garment to make sure that damage and shine can be avoided.

The model delivers 2800 watts of power and heats up very quickly to save users time, whilst the 55g of constant steam is impressive in its own right and can be enhanced even further if desired with the top of the range 190g steam boost and extremely durable pressing plate.

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Ansio Steam Iron Light Weight Ceramic Soleplate 2000 Watts

This compact model offers fast and effortless ironing as it is powered by an impressive 200 watts with a 15g per minute steam output.

The water spray setting puts users in absolute control so that they can make sure that each task is completed perfectly, while the ceramic soleplate glides smoothly over all types of fabrics.

The temperature control has been designed to be very easy to use so that the desired temperature can be achieved and maintained for any fabric, while the three metre cord can be held in place with a special clip so that it does not find its way onto the surface of the ironing board.

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Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron, 2400 Watt

With 2400 watts of power and 150g per minute of steam at their disposal, users of this mighty yet compact iron will find that taking care of the laundry is a breeze.

The specially designed and engineered Durilium Technology soleplate that was invented by the team at Tefal ensures that gliding over fabrics is effortless.

There is no need for maintenance of any kind thanks to the double anti-scale and self cleaning feature, while the convenient steam trigger is coupled with automatic steam regulation to make sure that the perfect amount of steam for the task at hand is always provided.

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Morphy Richards Steam Iron Breeze 300253 Purple Breeze Steam Iron

Designed to make all types of laundry tasks a breeze, this powerful steam iron comes with a wide range of features to satisfy all needs.

The innovative ceramic soleplate has been specially designed and selected to effortlessly glide across fabrics while delivering even heat distribution. The soleplate ensures that there will be no snagging, even when it is used on very delicate garments.

The vertical steam function makes it possible to iron right from the hanger, which is ideal for last-minute ironing tasks. The cutting edge built-in self-cleaning system takes the hassle out of maintenance and is combined with anti-scale and non-drip features that are designed to help protect clothing from water and scale damage.

Extra peace of mind is provided by the Auto-off function, which turns off the power after the model is left in the horizontal position for one minute without motion or in the vertical position for eight minutes.

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Philips EasySpeed Plus Cordless Steam Iron – GC2086/30

Selecting the right setting for any ironing task is simple thanks to the large and clear dials. Users have three different steam settings to choose from to make sure that there is always plenty of steam right when they need it. The model comes with an innovative charging base so that it can be used without a cumbersome cord and charging can be completed in as little as six seconds.

While the model is pleasingly compact for easy transportation, it also packs a punch with its 2400 watts that ensures it can heat up in just a few seconds.

The standard 35g per minute continuous steam is enhanced by a 150g steam boost for especially deep creases and thick fabrics, while the special Smart Light Feedback feature allows users to assess the status of the iron at a single glance.

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Of course, this is just a small selection of the top iron options. People who are looking for the best steam iron to meet their needs should read the different reviews carefully and take their specific needs into account to make sure that they purchase an iron that will be able to go the distance and make taking care of the laundry a pleasure rather than a chore.