Best Rat Poison of 2022 – A UK Buyers Guide

Urban infestations can be pretty frustrating to deal with – especially with rats. These critters will gnaw on almost anything, making food storage and other perishable goods a vulnerable target for these pests. They also leave droppings and pee with unpleasant odors that are hard to get rid of, along with the risk of destroyed furniture and other woodworks in your abode.

While there are many solutions available to counter such infestations such as rat traps, rat poison or rodenticide remains to be one of the most trusted options, considering they can be purchased just about anywhere. But before we proceed, a variety of factors should be considered to determine what kind of rat poison to buy.

Many concerns arise when it comes to choosing the right type of rat poison to buy. It may be efficacy, safety for your pets, and shelf life, among others.

No need to worry about researching on what the best option is for your specific needs as we’ve done the homework for you – all you have to do is scroll down and read our list of the best rat poison you can buy in the UK.

The Best Rat Poisons of 2022 – Reviews and Recommendations

JT Eaton Bait Block

The JT Eaton Bait Block is an enticing rat poison for your pest control needs that you can just place and forget – achieving the desired results in a swift manner. This rodenticide has a peanut butter flavor that will attract hungry rats easily, resulting in successful ingestion which will lead to imminent death in less than a week. While this might mean that the time to kill isn’t immediate, you can be sure that those who have taken in the poison blocks will surely die, reducing the infestation population effectively.

Just like any other rat poison, the JT Eaton Bait Blocks should be set up in a place frequented by your nosy visitors. Kitchens, attics, cabinets, and dark places in which these critters thrive should be prioritized to achieve the greatest probability of ingestion. These poison blocks contain diphacinone which is a great agent for killing small rodents, making these effective in urban settings such as farms and country homes as well. Do note that these poison blocks are best used in dry weather and conditions, as water can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the poison when they come into contact.

The JT Eaton Bait Blocks are also highly dangerous to pets so make sure to place them in spots that are out of reach or restrain your pets in the time period when the poison is allowed to do its job. As a general rule of thumb, do not mix it in storage with food and other edible substances as these might get contaminated and cause serious health problems.

The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait

One great choice for rat poison is The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait. This effective solution to eradicate your rodent problem boasts 50% less poison in its formulation without affecting potency at all. This means a smaller risk of resulting in fatal effects should your pets or small children happen to ingest it. Moreover, this rat poison doesn’t care about the weather conditions or bait placement as it is moisture-resistant. This preserves the bait block’s palatability and allows it to stay fresh even after being exposed to the air for a significant amount of time. As rats are highly intelligent, they will most likely prefer bait that is clumped together or has a highly palatable texture over mushy bait. This also means indoor and outdoor functionality whenever you need it.

The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait comes in chew-through sachets that don’t require you to touch the actual bait stuff for added safety, especially when working in the kitchen or when you are about to eat. Moreover, its fast-acting formulation will work on rats in the least amount of time, reducing property and perishable damage by a significant margin so you can save more on replenishing and repair costs over time. These bait blocks are also intended to be used with the brand’s own tamper-resistant bait station – which is required by law in some areas – thanks to the multi-feed compatibility of the rat poison. Finally, The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Baits are formulated with high-quality materials, flavours, and preservatives to ensure the highest success rate in killing rats with just a few feeds – they’ll never know what hit them.

Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse Killer

If you need a bait that’s enticing to rats and can encourage multiple feeds for greater efficacy, the Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse Killer is the way to go. This rat poison uses bromadiolone as a primary killing component with a higher concentration than others, allowing it to kill rodents in a matter of few feeding passes. The brand boasts its formula is specially formulated by experts and undergo rigorous testing by professional pest controllers to ensure that you end up with an investment that’s worth your money and keeps your sanity at bay. Moreover, the formulation is intended to reduce bait shyness, increasing a rat’s appetite, and drive to go back to the poison blocks and eat multiple times. This means a faster time to kill than most rat poisons in the market.

The Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse Killer has a palatable wax block that protects it from the elements so they can be used either in dry or wet situations and places. This further increases a rat’s curiosity to nibble the bait, as it keeps the blocks palatable and enticing – resulting in minimized bait shyness as compared to rat poison blocks that are susceptible to moisture. Furthermore, these poison bait blocks are designed to be compatible with multi-feed systems for improved bait economy and higher kill probability. As such, it comes in a solid pre-formed block design that fits perfectly into rods for housing, with the brand offering their very own line of tamper-resistant bait stations. These bait stations are required for those who plan to use the Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse Killer outside their homes or public areas to secure the safety of other animals and living things not intended to be targeted by the poison.

Racan Force Paste - Xtermin8 Pro B

If you want a convenient way of deploying rat poison, especially for those who aren’t planning on getting a bait station anytime soon, try your hand at the Racan Force Paste – Xtermin8 Pro B. This rat poison comes in pasta sachets that you can conveniently place on affected areas and leave it for the results to take place. The brand claims that the formulation of this rat poison kills rodents with a single feed, although this might be just an exaggeration of results. In reality, it kills rats within the space of one to two days from feeding, which is still impressive considering some of the milder options out there may need a week or more to fully take effect on those furry nuisances.

The Racan Force Paste – Xtermin8 Pro B are also moisture-resistant that the palatability and texture consistent days after being deployed, an important factor in determining if the rat takes the bait or not. The potency of the main component of this rat poison makes it dangerous for other living beings such as pets and small children, however, so make sure that you deploy it in locations that aren’t reachable by the aforementioned entities. These pasta sachet solutions are also compatible with baiting stations which are needed for outdoor use or deployment in public places, adding multi-feed capabilities for an improved pest control process. If you’ve gone through a lot of rat poisons and none of them seem to work as intended, you might need a more potent formulation like the Racan Force Paste – Xtermin8 Pro B rat poison.

Elixir Gardens Rat Poison

Another highly effective solution for your rodent infestation problems is the Elixir Gardens Rat Poison. While it may not have the fastest time to kill, this rat poison is extremely attractive to rodents. It comes in the form of pellets that are easy to distribute throughout infested areas and potential pathways. Cut wheat bait is more effective with mice, while whole wheat provides more “take” percentage than most formulas – in which this poison uses food-grade micronized wheat that is treated at high temperature. This means improved palatability over most rat poison baits, which is important to ensure that the rodents actually take a bit off the rodenticide and not just hover around it.

The Elixir Gardens Rat Poison has taste adjuvants and sweeteners that improve its appeal towards rats while also sporting inhibitors that ward off fungal and bacterial growth – which is usually the case with bait being laid out on wet or outdoor locations. The poison can be deployed via its nifty bait package, which you can place in strategic areas indoors or out – just ensure that non-target species aren’t able to access the bait to avoid accidental poisoning. The bait pack allows the scent of the attractants to diffuse while keeping the bait dry and palatable no matter the situation.

A single bait pack of Elixir Gardens Rat Poison is potent enough to kill two adult rats, making it one of the most effective formulations around. Apart from indoor applications, the poison is also viable in gardens and stables where rats often hole themselves up or get food from. You’ll know once the uninvited guests have taken the bait, as they will leave red droppings after eating them. Once ingested, the Elixir Gardens Rat Poison will take effect within four to ten days, and control a total infestation in a matter of 35 days more or less.

Ratkil Rat Poison

Put a halt to endless rodent activity in your home and outdoor areas with the Ratkil Rat Poison! This rodenticide makes use of the lethal component Brodifacoum to ensure that any rat that takes the bait dies within a single feeding. The bait package consists of cereals that are highly enticing to rodents and will ensure a high “take” probability every single time. The formulation is designed to be highly palatable so that the rats ingest it instead of the usual test nibbles.

The Ratkil Rat Poison’s bait packs are intended to attract rats without affecting the texture and overall appeal of the grains. This makes it a great solution for placement not only in indoor settings but in outdoor and damp areas as well. Deploying the bait is as simple as placing the packets on areas frequented by high rodent activity or by using a bait station. Each Ratkil Rat Poison bag has 6 x 25 grams of bait that is enough to kill 40 rats with its single feed functionality for maximum effectiveness in rodent control in a few day’s time.