Best Washing Powder Choices 2022 | UK Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Finding the best washing powder can sometimes be a chore.

There are just so many options out there! It can easily become confusing.

You’re looking at lots of brands each claiming they have the best washing powder in the UK, and sometimes you’ll find it really hard to cut through the noise and make truly informed decisions.

But don’t worry, we’ve sifted through as many wash powders as we can to determine which are the best of the bunch for a variety of different uses; best overall, best non-bio, best for muddy clothes and more!

We don’t settle for pushing our personal favourites. To really understand what the best washing related products out there are, we chose to listen to the masses.

We poured through countless separate reviews, scrutinised product listings and read as much real feedback as possible from other real people who have tried these products.

By combining massive amounts of market information along with our own experiences, we managed to single out the following products, all of which are strongly positioned to be considered the best laundry detergent powder in the UK.

9 Best Washing Powders: Our Picks

ProductWashesOur Rating
Ariel Actilift Giga XXL P&G265+4.8
Persil Non-Bio Washing Powder 1304.9
Persil Powercaps Colour Washing Capsules1144.8
Daz P&G Professional Washing Powder130+4.7
Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylang Washing Powder1204.5
Ariel Washing Powder Original654.4
Surf and Comfort Laundry Kit40+4.7
Ecover Washing Powder Zero1004.5
Neutral 0% Sensitive Washing Powder454.4

265 Ariel Actilift Giga XXL P&G Professional Washing Powder

If you enjoy the Ariel brand washing powder and you like the idea of saving money by buying one of their bigger boxes, look no further than this Giga XXL Pack.

This product is very popular with professional washers, but many typical everyday users also choose this XXL pack over the small boxes because it’s more cost effective. You’re looking at enough washing powder to get you through 265 professional washes, which should keep you covered for a full year of daily domestic washes! It’s also an improved version of the classic Arial washing power that delivers even better results, both in terms of stain removal as well as in providing long-lasting freshness.

One of the best things about this washing powder is its universal quality. It will work just as well in keeping whites looking really white as it will keep colours vibrant, throughout dozens or even hundreds of washing cycles.

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Persil Non-Bio Washing Powder

Here’s another classic brand that many families know and love – to the point it’s sometimes the one and only official washing powder of many households, across different generations.

Available here in a mega pack that provides enough powder for as many as 130 washes, this is one of the latest formulas from the highly reputable brand Persil. This ‘non bio’ formula has been conceived to provide excellent stain removal properties without leaving residues that might irritate the human skin. It works very nicely even on cold washing programmes, and it performs particularly well when it comes to removing oily stains or muddy residues.

If you’re looking for washing powder that has actually been dermatologically tested and has proved to be save even for sensitive skin, this is your best option among the classic brands.

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Persil Powercaps Colour Washing Capsules

If you are a big fan of Persil products but you prefer a modern liquid formula as opposed to classic washing powder, consider this big box of Persil Powercaps.

These capsules have been specially devised to provide the best possible results when used in colour washing. If you’re not familiar with these wash capsules you will be impressed with this practical, convenient and very neat solution! Not only is this an elegant and compact choice, but it will also help you avoid wasting product while making sure you use the perfect recommended amount. You just have to add a capsule to the washer and you’re ready to go! Its triple action formula will handle stain removal and fabric care, as well as providing long lasting freshness.

This listing includes a pack of three Persil Ultimate Powercaps boxes, each including 38 capsules – so you’re looking at a total of 114 capsules that should keep you stocked up for a while.

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Daz P&G Professional Washing Powder

If your priority is getting a super large pack that will allow you to forget about washing powder for nearly a year, here’s a competitive offering from Daz.

This 7kg box holds enough laundry power to keep you covered through 130 professional washes, which equates over 250 cycles in a regular domestic washer. You’re looking at a professional grade product with a modern formulation that relies on the latest high performing ingredients known to modern science. It will provide stellar results in removing deep stains while keeping colours looking exactly like they should… even if you set the washer’s temperature as low as 20°C.

For anyone looking for a Giga XXL pack of state of the art washing powder, this product from Daz should be a perfect choice.

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Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang Ylang Washing Powder

If your priority involves not only washing your clothes but also enjoying an uplifting and exotic fragrance, you will appreciate this Surf product.

Widely known as the leading fragrance detergent in the UK, this washing powder is distinctive for using a special formula that ensures progressive fragrance release – meaning your fresh clothes will keep the fresh smell even after being stored away for months. The concept is so effective that even your wardrobe will smell wonderful! This box holds enough product for 120 washing cycles, and it can be used to great effect even on the quickest of wash programmes.

You will appreciate the cleanliness produced by this washing powder, and you will absolutely love its unusually exotic scent of lily & ylang ylang, a combination that produces a surprisingly uplifting effect.

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Ariel Washing Powder Original

For anyone who favours classic brands, classic washing power and classic savings, Arial Washing Powder Original is one of the best available options.

This box holds over 4kg of product, which should be enough for around 65 washes.

Unlike many other washing powders, Ariel is well known to dissolve quickly in the water, so it leaves no annoying residues even when used with short, low temperature washing programmes. In fact, it’s guaranteed to provide impeccable results even at cool washing temperatures of just 30C, and it will typically remove stains flawlessly in the very first wash. Even when it comes to really dried-in stains, the dirt will surprisingly still lift off.

This classic formula from Ariel has been favoured by many people for many years – it remains a best seller despite the host of innovative new products now flooding the market.

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Surf and Comfort Fragrance Essential Laundry Kit

Here’s a very attractive kit that goes above and beyond mere clothes washing, and almost verges on aromatherapy territory. If you want your fresh clothes to smell as nice as possible, there is probably no better option than this!

You’re looking at a kit comprised of the very best fragrant detergent from the leading UK brand Surf, here available in liquid form in a bottle with enough detergent for 40 washing cycles. You also get a matching liquid bottle of Comfort Intense, which many recognise as the heavy hitter of fabric softeners. Additionally, you get a second bottle of perfume pearls that you can use to raise the passionate scent of fuchsia aroma yet further.

Simply put, this is the best option for anyone who wants to spare no effort in keeping all fabrics extra clean, extra soft and extra fragrant. Make sure to use the three products together for the best possible results.

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Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Washing Powder 3

There is an increasingly growing body of consumers who are concerned about using environmentally sound detergents, and for them Ecover’s products are the best options available on the market.

This concentrated washing powder from Ecover is made from mineral ingredients and plants, which provide excellent cleanliness without any need for harmful chemicals. This product actually has a very nice fragrance, and its performance is will not disappoint even the most demanding people. Here available in a 3kg box that should be enough for around 40 washes, it’s guaranteed to give you the results you want regardless of how grimy your work clothes happen to be.

Unlike most typical washing powders, this product is suitable for septic tanks, so if you’re concerned about the environment and want to avoid unnecessary pollution, this is one of your best options.

Ecover Washing Powder Zero

Do you want a product that will clean your clothes thoroughly but you don’t fancy the strong fragrances used in most washing powders? Then you will love this product.

Not only is Ecover Zero an ecologically-friendly solution, but this formula has been devised to provide excellent washing without leaving a persistent aroma behind. Like other products from Ecover, this is made using only plant and mineral ingredients, meaning it’s suitable for septic tanks. It’s also dermatologically tested and approved for use with sensitive skin, as it contains no nasty chemicals whatsoever.

This product is available here in a set of 3 boxes, each weighing 250g (750g combined) so you’re looking at enough washing powder for around 100 washing cycles.

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Neutral 0% Sensitive Colour Washing Powder

If you’re looking for a neutral washing powder that will keep your clothes clean while protecting your skin and adding no irritating perfume, Neutral 0% is a very well-regarded option.

This product has been especially designed to cater for people with allergies and sensitive skins. It has been approved by dermatologists and is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, as it features no perfume and no colourants. When you use this washing powder, there will be no fragrance whatsoever to the dried clothes. Nevertheless, it will reliably wash your clothes and clear away any stains, while keeping the colours looking as they should.

Here you have a set of three 5kg boxes that will keep you stocked for around 45 washing cycles, and add to your quality of life by helping reduce your allergies and skin irritations.

As you can see, there are many types of washing powder out there… and these are the most popular choices across all available offerings.

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You can pick any of these products confidently knowing you’ll make a good decision. We have made sure to include a wide range of choices catering to all customer types. Whether your priority is preserving the environment, preserving your fabrics, preserving your finances, preserving your skin, or simply to get annoying stains off effectively, you will find a suitable laundry detergent here.